The Meeting (DUN DUN DUN)

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The Meeting (DUN DUN DUN)

Post by YourGreatLeader on Thu Feb 05, 2015 8:56 am

“You’re new here.” Said Marcus with his legs crossed as he turned to the new arrival who looked lost.  It wasn’t a question.
“I am, keen of you to notice.” Aisling said mimicking the tone.
“Well you don’t exactly blend in Darlin.”  He smiled from his seat. “Why don’t you have a seat so I can get to know you a little better?” He patted the seat next to him with a crocodile grin.
“Sure,” She said a bit coyly and sat in the chair next to him. “So, obviously I’m new. What’s on the docket for today?”
“Today’s agenda,” He started in his southern twang, “is neighbor relations because if some people keep letting their dogs piss in people’s flowers…someone might end up with a dead dog.”
“Some important stuff,” She mused. “We don’t need the roads running with blood.”
Marcus laughed. “Oh Hun, your definitely not from around here.”
Aisling looked at him confused and put a note to herself to research local festivals. There was the bang of a gavel and the people fumbled to order.
Dawn McClure stood at the fore front of the meeting in her six inch heel and pencil in hand. Aisling was surprised that Dawn demanded such attention without words, even to the older audience. Dawn was young looking definitely in her early twenties. When everyone was in there seat she spoke.
Dawn let out an exaggerated sigh. “So it has come to the attention that certain canines have not been sticking to their territories.” She looked irritated by the agenda.  “This will cease immediately because if I have to have another conversation about wilting daisies, I’m going to snap.” The pencil snapped in her grip and she quickly released it.
Aisling leaned over to Marcus. “Did she bring that pencil up there just to snap it?” She whispered.
“No, she’s probably been dry for the last few days.” Marcus joked off handedly leaving Aisling unsuccessfully suppressing a snort.
Dawn turned her attention the two in the back. “Well I see we have a cute new addition in the back.”
Aisling started blushing turning a shade of a red tomato. Marcus Laughed again. “Oh honey, run.” He said so Dawn could hear. “She’ll eat you alive.”
“Can it Marcus.” Dawn said before putting on a maniacal grin. “As the HOA president, it is my duty to show all new additions to the community around.”
“Oh, so that’s what you kids are calling it these days.”


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